Pinewood Derby

Hey Pack 33 Family, 

It's that time of year again, where a block of wood magically becomes an awesome derby car! Of course, due to the pandemic, we are going to do the Pinewood Derby a little different. This year the White Oak District will run our derby races for us this April, but the Scouts will still need to design and build their own derby cars.

 You can pick up a derby car kit at 518 Philadelphia Avenue in Takoma Park, in a waterproof box on the front porch. Please sign out a kit with your Scout's name and contact information using the included sign-out sheet. Kits will be available for Scouts only from today until February 26th, and after that, any remainders will be available for siblings to build. If you can't make it to the pickup location, please contact Brad De Gregorio at or (202) 384-5260 to make other arrangements. 


Get ready to start your engines!!

Maintaining the great annual scouting tradition, the 2021 Pinewood Derby Race is on. It’s looking like it’ll be a Zoom-based event in late April, for which we will collect cars in late March or early April. While we are still gathering the race details, scouts should be getting ready for it! Scouts are invited to pick up their car kits from the waterproof box on Brad De Gregorio’s front porch: 518 Philadelphia Ave in Takoma Park. 

Should scouts require help building their cars, Pack 33 will be hosting an outdoor, limited-service socially-distanced pinewood derby workshop on Saturday March 13 from 10:00 AM to 3:00PM. We need your help ensuring this workshop will be a smooth and safe experience, productive for the kids, and held in accordance with all applicable laws. 

Scouts are invited to reserve a 5-minute time slot using this SignUpGenius link, and to come prepared with a car design for the adults to help shape. Google can be very helpful with design. Households with multiple cars should reserve a slot for each car. A small crew of adult volunteers will run 2-3 saw and drill stations in the courtyard. 

The stations will be spaced appropriately and everyone will be required to wear their masks. Montgomery County law currently restricts outdoor gatherings to a 25-person maximum, so please arrive on time for your reservation and avoid queuing up in an unsafe or illegal way. We will make every possible effort to move through the line quickly. To avoid contact with others, scouts will be asked to stay near their cars while the sawing/drilling is performed. The playground equipment itself will be off-limits during the event.

We recall last year’s Pinewood Derby fondly, as the last in-person all-Pack event we were able to hold before pandemic restrictions went into effect. We hope your scouts are as excited as we are to race again this year. Even under these atypical circumstances, our tradition continues: Designers of the speediest and sharpest-looking cars will earn their due glory and their names shall be written into Takoma Park history for future generations to marvel.

That Sign-Up Genius link, one more time, is

Adults who would like to volunteer, please reach out to the event coordinator: luke.peterson at gmail dot com