White Oak District Pinewood Derby

Hello White Oak District Cubmasters and Fellow Scouters,

***IF YOU ARE NOT CURRENTLY THE CUBMASTER, PLEASE forward this email to them and, please let me know who that person is, along with their contact information.***

We have an opportunity to have a VIRTUAL PINEWOOD DERBY for the 2020 Scout year and I wanted to give you a HEADS UP on what we are planning so that you can plan too.

1. If you have NOT done a Pinewood Derby for your pack - not to worry, we will do one for you. All you will need to do is get your Scouts to build their cars using the rules and regulations that were included in the 2019-2020 Program Launch Package (Available online on the White Oak District Web Page). We will tell you what to do next.

2. The actual running of the WOD Pinewood Derby is planned for 10/18/2020, ***BUT*** you, AS A PACK, will need to turn your cars in to the designated location NO LATER THAN ***10/10/20***. The location will be announced later. Cars will need to be bubble wrapped/cushioned in individual ZIPLOC bags with the information for that we will provide.

3. We will have a "mechanic" on site, so if your car needs a MINOR weight adjustment or a repair after running one race, we will take care of it.

4. The WOD Pinewood Derby will be conducted online only. There will be ***NO*** spectators allowed.

5. We ***WILL*** have patches, trophies, and ***FUN***.

6. You will need to pickup your cars, patches, trophies (as applicable) --- AS A PACK --- from the designated location (to be provided).


Here's what I need from you as soon as feasible, but NO LATER THAN 9/11/20:

A. Will you need us to run a PACK level pinewood derby for you. If so how many cars do you expect to participate?

B. If you have already run a PACK level pinewood derby, what Den level cars will you enter (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, W1, AOL; Parent, Sibling, Den Chief)?

Questions?? Please read the rules first!! Then email me.

Thank you!

We are looking forward to getting things moving again!!

Marvin Arthur (islandfox6@aol.com)
Vice Chairman, Program