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Ice Skating

Hey Scout Family! 

Happy New Year & hope that you are having lots of fun with the snow! 

For January, we will be doing ice skating (the perfect compliment to building snowmen, sledding, and throwing snowballs!) as our pack event. This year, we will be ice skating at Fort Dupont Ice Arena, a local non-profit ice arena that is community-oriented and serves all kids, including those that would not otherwise have the opportunity with lessons! (You can learn more about them at fdia.org)

We have been asked by Fort Dupont Ice Arena to give the numbers of those attending, so RSVP even if you are thinking about going. By RSVPing, it will be assumed it's one scout & one parent automatically, so please, if you plan to bring more people, just do a post in the event and let me know so we can make sure to give the most correct numbers possible. 
RSVP, even if maybe: https://www.facebook.com/events/1066342067546444 
When: 22nd Jan 22
Time: 1-3pm
Where: Fort Dupont Ice Arena, 3779 Ely Pl SE, Washington, DC 20019
Patch: Yes, each scout that attends will earn a fun patch! 
Parking: There is a lot of free parking, so that is easy. 
Bring: Masks, Sanitiser (optional) Water, & snacks (I am not sure if their cafe will be open or not) -- Masks are required indoors by the arena. 
Cost: The unit will cover the cost of the scout. Siblings and parents are welcome & will pay for themselves, about $5 each (w/o patch, etc). 

We will strive to keep up our tradition of handing out the Pinewood Derby Cars at the January pack event but if that changes, it will be handed out at the Pinewood Derby Workshop. 

Happy New Year again!