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Den 2- Tigers

Den 2 - Tiger Scouts (1st Grade)

2020 - 2021
Den Leadership:
Leader: Sharena Cotellesse Payne
Assistant Leaders: Bryan Pashigian, Lima Abdullah, John Abdullah
Den Chief: * 
Meeting: Sunday
Cubmaster: Victoria Eisenberg


Den Email:
Den Leader & Assistant Leaders:

Den Meetings
 If you are interested in joining the Lion Den, please email the cubmaster at

From your Den Leader-- Lima. 


All meetings on Sundays from 1-2pm. ·Biweekly troop meeting/ outing format. The first meeting of every month is focused on a core concept the boys will explore such as leadership, friendship, teamwork, etc… The second “meeting”, unless otherwise notified, is an outing aimed at reinforcing those ideas. Unless otherwise notified, the month’s first meetings are Sundays from 1 pm— 2 pm. The second “Lions on the prowl meeting” outings will always be on the weekends though the times may vary depending on the activity. 


9/15 Lion Cub Intro Meeting/ "Lion's Honor" All the animals in the jungle have traditions that they share. Lions will learn important Boy Scouting traditions.

  1. Get to know den mates/ fellow Lions
  2. Learn the Cub Scout sign and what it means.
  3. Repeat the Cub Scout motto and learn what it means.
  4. Show the Cub Scout salute and learn what it means.
  5. Show teamwork and good sportsmanship by playing an outdoor nature scavenger hunt with your den and parent volunteers.

9/29 Lions on the Prowl: "Big Cats Day at the Zoo"
Head to the Big Cats section of the National Zoo to learn more about how lions, tigers and other large cats work together as a pride. Work together in groups on activities so that our den becomes very much like a pride. 

10/6 Participate in and support  Pack 33 Carnival Games
 Takoma Park Street Festival (Su 10am-5pm)

10/13-- Badge Ceremony "Lion's Honor": Earned by demonstrating you know your den mates and the entire pride has good sportsmanship and teamwork, can show the Cub Scout sign, can give the Cub Scout sign and can repeat the Cub Scout motto. Have treats and watch "The Lion King" to celebrate.

10/26 Den Halloween Party/ Takoma Park Monster Mash

11/9 Scouting for Food collection (Safeway)

11/9 Troop 33 Pancake Supper

11/10  "King of the Jungle" All of the animals of the jungle live side by side as citizens? Do you know what it means to be a good citizen? Learn what it means to be a good citizen, a good leader and understand Boy Scout traditions such as the flag ceremony. Visit by a member of the K-9 division of the police force. 

13 Pack Meeting (W 7:00pm-8:00pm, Assembly Room)

11/24 Lions on the Prowl: "Fun at the Fire Station" Learn what it means to be a citizen leader by watching the men and women of the local fire station in action. Climb aboard a fire truck, try on gear and learn about fire safety. 

12/8 Badge Ceremony: "King of the Jungle": Earned by demonstrating you know what it means to be a good citizen, a good leader and understand Boy Scout traditions such as the flag ceremony. Celebrate with a cookie party and by making and delivering holiday cards to the local senior citizens center.

1/5 "Animal Kingdom" The lion is leader of the animal kingdom. He must take into consideration the needs of the other animals to make the jungle a good place to live. Listen to our community visitor as they discuss ways they help the community. Participate in fun games to demonstrate how you can help make your den, pack and community a better and safer place by practicing emergency preparedness. 

1/11 Splash Pool/Pack Meeting

1/20  Lions on the Prowl: "MLK Day of Service" Participate in community service activities at Veterans Plaza.

2/2 "Animal Kingdom (cont)": Learn about conservation and environmentally friendly efforts in your community. If possible, tour a recycling facility or art exhibit made from recycled materials. Participate in two environmentally friendly projects at home

2/16 Badge Ceremony: "Animal Kingdom": Earn this badge by understanding the role of someone who helps the community, show what to do in an emergency, complete the home environmentally friendly projects, participate in den service project (MLK Day of Service). 

2/22 Pinewood Derby (Sa 11:45am-6:30pm, Assembly Room)

3/1 "Fun on the Run" Lions are healthy and strong. Eating well, getting rest and plenty of exercise will help lion cubs feel their best. Make healthy snacks with the den at test kitchen stations.

3/15 Lions on the Prowl: "Indoor Climbing" Reach new heights while stretching your limits at ClimbZone.  

3/29  Badge Ceremony: "Fun on the Run". Participate in the den's Jungle Field Day". Badges awarded after demonstrating three exercises you can do each day, having made a nutritious snack for the den, show you understand the importance of rest and participate as a den in Jungle Field Day.

4/12 (spring break week)

4/18  Spring Campout at Cedarville State Park

4/22 Sweep the Creek TBD (Earth Day) 

4/26 "Mountain Lion". Lions live in nature and need to how to take care of himself and respectful of animals and plant life. Learn outdoor safety techniques, the buddy system and more. 

5/9 White Oak District Buddy Hike (Sa 10:30am-2pm). Practice SAW (Stay, Answer, Whistle).

5/24 Badge Ceremony: "Mountain Lion" Participate in a guided hike and learn about animal habitats and tracks at Meadowside Nature Center. Badges earned after gathering the outdoor items you need to have with you when you go on an outdoor adventure, and understand how they are used. Also understand and commit to practicing the buddy system. Demonstrate what you can do to stay safe if you become separated from the group when you are outdoors. Demonstrate an understanding of respect for animals and nature when participating in a learning hike.

6/6 Pack End-of-Year Picnic and Lion Rank Badge ceremony (S 4:00pm-7:00pm)