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Pack Facebook Group & Pack (Parent) ListServe

Hey, Pack 33 Family! 

Hope you are in good health. In this time, building a community is super important esp in this day & time where we are doing virtual scouting amidst COVID19. 

To help build community, we are starting a (private) Pack Facebook Group & a Pack Parent ListServe on Rallyhood. I encourage you to join both! This is different than PackAll, which will remain announcement only from the leadership team. The reason behind doing them separately is to give you the option to opt-in. The goals of both are to be able to provide an online community with the rest of the pack & is open to all to post, comment, etc. If you have any questions or issues at any time, you can email me. The info below is also on the Pack website as well! 
Pack 33 (private) Facebook Group-   https://www.facebook.com/groups/TakomaParkCubScoutsPack33/ 
Pack 33 Parent ListServe on Rallyhood-  https://rallyhood.com/35965 

Have a beautiful evening Pack 33!