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Keys & Fobs

Hello Pack 33 Leaders!

As you are all getting ready for the upcoming scouting year, I wanted to give out some information about accessing spaces at the church.

Keyfobs are required to access both doors at the bottom of the church playground. All other church entryways remain locked during the hours we will most likely be accessing them. So a keyfob will be the primary way to gain entry to your meeting room during the week. Keyfobs are available from the daycare centre associated with the church. Keyfobs can be obtained by contacting Toni Therrassant at toni@tpcdc.org and picked up during daycare office hours (9:30am-6pm). I don't remember the cost, but they are something like $20-$25, which can be reimbursed by the Pack. Make sure you request 24-hour access as well.

We store Pack equipment in a locked closet in the church library. I will be making copies of the key next week, so if you need a copy of the key, let me know. I will disperse them at the first leaders meeting on September 8th and the first Pack meeting on September 18th.