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Keys & Fobs

Hello, Pack 33 Leaders!

You know you want another set of keys on your keyring! 

So up until now, during the pandemic, this has been a none issue because we have not utilised the church at all. 

Now, as we start to, I want to be sure that leaders have a set of keys of fobs that need them. Hint: each den should have at least 1 set, if not 2, & every registered leader can have one. 

The process for fobs has changed since there is a new director::
I have been given permission to collect fobs that need to activate & to get new ones for the ones that don't have them yet. I was thinking of going next week to activate them so we have them in time for PWD (Feb 2022) 

I have extra set of keys for the scout closet thanks to Gary (tppc grounds keeper) & now tppc also has one as well & now working on getting the fobs for you guys. 

Keyfobs are required to access the church & or scout closet-- both doors at the bottom of the church playground. All other church entryways remain locked during the hours we will most likely be accessing them. So a keyfob will be the primary way to gain entry to your meeting room during the week. Keyfobs are available from the daycare centre associated with the church. 

For the fobs, since you would have to go during working hours to activate the fobs & you have to get the keys from me anyway, I thought it would be easier to have you guys potentially drop off the fobs to me this week (14-20 of Feb 2022) and I will go get it activated next week along with grabbing a new set for the new leaders. If another leader would like to take this on esp one that already lives in TP, please respond all. I don't mind at all. Either way, you can drop off at my house (address in email) anytime. Please text me and let me know you are dropping off so I know to look for it. you can leave on the porch or put in the mail slot in an envelope. 

If you don't have a Keyfob they can be obtained by contacting the Cubmaster to let them know you need one & arrange to pick up I don't remember the cost, but the deposit is something like $20, & if you need to be reimbursed or get it covered, let us know. Make sure you request 24-hour access as well.
If you need to reactivate your fob, you can drop off to the Cubmaster (during Feb 2022) or directly contact the new TPPC Child Care Director Laura Finder at laura.tpcdc@gmail.com.  They will ask you to come in during daycare office hours (9:30am-5pm). 

PLEASE email me back with what you need::
a) need to reactivate your key fob (and if you are planning to drop off to me or do it on your own)
b) need a new fob 
c) need a scout closet key
d) need both a new fob and a scout closet key

We can do key/fob pick up one of two ways:: 
#1 You pick up from the Cubmaster directly 
#2 You can pick up at a scout event like the PWD coming up on the 5th of March 

Remember, that at the end of your pack leadership term, both the Scout Closet Key & the Fob are due back to the Cubmaster, or whomever is the lead for this at the time, so we can use them for the next leaders coming in.