Scout Trash the Trash Day/Week

Hey, Pack 33! 

I am sending on behalf of Gabe, one of our Den Chiefs, who is organising this on his own (& it will help him with his scout requirements as well!). So let's all support him & join in! 

Scouts who do this get rewarded personally many times over-- they get the messengers of peace patch, the commemorative patch, they can mark it off for the summertime pack award and any patch or rank requirements (like the NCAC Scouting At Home Award). More importantly, they get outside, help the environment, & help support one of their den chiefs!   

At any rate, I hope you join in and support one of our long-standing, hard-working den chiefs! 

Here is his email::


Looking for a way to make a difference in helping the environment during this time of social distancing? Come out for International Scout Trash the Trash Day on Saturday, July 11th. Scout Trash the Trash Day is part of the Messengers of Peace Program.


The goal of the project is to pick up as many bags of trash as possible. When you pick up trash, make sure to count the amount of time you spent and how many bags of trash you picked up.


This is supported by Pack 33 and the Council. 

Whoever participates is eligible to purchase the commemorative patch for $3 (The Pack will cover for those who participate but if you would like to help with the cost please send the money to the Treasurer via PayPal by clicking here). 


Bonus! If you can’t pick up trash on the 11th, pick up some trash the week before. 

To get Credit: 

Please report first and last name, den & pack number (or troop number), all hours and number of bags to If you are a scout emailing, include a parent and/or leader on the email. 

FB Event to share pictures, etc:


Please email me if you have any questions.


Thank you,


Gabriel Andersen

Den Chief, Pack 33

Star Scout, Troop 33