Virtual Earth Month Community Service 2020

*** Virtual Earth Month Community Service 2020 ***

Hey, Pack 33 Family! 

Virtual Earth Month Community Service is ALL April long! So, We can't do Sligo Creek Clean up this month as a whole pack BUT we can do a virtual community service where you can do anything that is community service, once or as many times as you like & you can get as creative as you like! 

The BEAUTY of this is that you can do ANY project that you want & we WANT for you guys to get creative with your community service. This will count as if you had done community service like we do Sligo Creek  The difference is that we can't do it together in person as one big group but we can as a big scout family do it together individually to make a difference. It's also very important to note that it counts towards the unit's Journey to Excellence award (which is the patch they wear) & any rank requirements your scout may have. So it's important to share in the Facebook event (, Facebook Group for our Pack ( so we can log in the hours properly. 

When you do share your pic or video in the event or group please do it like this:
(scouts first name, their den # & level, the pack number. What you did for your community service, the time, how many people helped, & the hashtags #allaboutscouts #pack33communityservice)
Kai, Den 6 Bears, Pack 33. We started "The Great Neighbourhood Socially Distant Easter Egg Hunt" where we printed out eggs for the kids in the neighbourhood to colour, delivered to all the neighbours and put in their windows so on Easter, families could walk around and find all the Easter Eggs in the windows of our neighbours. 5 hours (& 4 people in our family).  #allaboutscouts #pack33communityservice

(then, if you want, you can tag your leader which in my case would be Jay Keller or you can tag me & btw, a neighbour had this great idea!).
You can see more ideas or details here or in the event itself or on the pack website here

If you have any questions about it (or want to send your submissions) please email me at You can also call me as well!

Cubmaster E

ANYONE can participate in the Virtual Earth Month Community Service for April 2020 to celebrate Earth Day! ANYONE can participate - not just scouts! Feel to also invite, tag, & share with everyone! The goal is to UNIFY worldwide with people by helping each other & the world out!


* Do an act of community service that is ideally conservation-minded, but does not have to be, & post an update here sharing what you did! ANYONE can join. 

* You can drop off books your local free little library & take a picture
* Pick up trash as you walk outside with your family (maintaining social distancing, of course)
* Making a "How To" video on conservation or a scout skill
* Donating Medical Supplies
* Doing virtual cards
* Making masks for medical personal
~ The possibilities are endless! You can share ideas here too!

You can post what you do in the event

Let us let what is going on UNIFY all of us, whether we are in Cub ScoutsGirl ScoutsBoy Scouts of America, or just kids around the world who want to attend at school, the neighbourhood, or anywhere!

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